Cranford Park

C of E Primary School

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We welcome your views and comments about the activities and events that we have organised, and we would like to hear your ideas for future events.   If you have a comment, question or idea, please write us a note and leave it in the DROP BOX located in the school office.

Here are some of our more frequently asked questions and their answers.

How do I get involved with the PTA

Simply attend one of our meetings, held on the first Wednesday back after a school holiday, complete a volunteer slip and place in the DROP BOX, turn up at one of our open work party’s, or pop a suggestion in the DROP BOX in the school office.

What does the PTA do?

We run activities and events for the school children and their families, for them to enjoy but also to raise additional funds for the school. These funds are spent on things like, the playground markings, additional chairs for the classrooms reading corners, additional books for the library, apps for the laptops, the traveling pantomime, and much more.

This year we are raising funds to mend the playground apparatus for all the children to enjoy. This is going to cost approx £6,000!

How can I help?

We will accept as much help as we can get!

Your help can come in different ways. Things like, baking cakes for a cake sale, donating toys, teddies, gifts, chocolates or bottles of any kind for our tombola’s, donating wool (any colour any length) so we can knit dolls, or your time to help set up, man a stall or pack down event.

Do I need to available for everything?

The simple answer is NO! The more people who volunteer to help, the fewer things we will each have to do.

I want to volunteer but don't want to be involved in everything!

We appreciate that many of you work so volunteering your time may be difficult. Which is why we send out our Volunteer Slip, so people can put their names forward for things that they are happy to do for the length of time that they are happy to do it!

How do I get in contact with the PTA

We are pretty busy people, so the best way to contact us is by leaving us a message in the DROP BOX (located in the school office). Or by emailing us at